OBOS commercial

As an Italian I actually feel kind of discriminated by a new commercial here in Norway made by a company called OBOS.
The companys objectives through all these years, have been to make housing available to members, and to manage housing cooperatives and condominium associations.

The commercial show Italian men living at their mom’s house instead of living in their own apartment. For those who won’t end up like these guys they can then get help from OBOS. What I’m reacting on is that even if Italian men have a great education and great jobs, they don’t necessary earn a lot. I don’t see how you have the possibility to move out when an apartment cost 500-800 euros and you earn about 1200-1600. I know a lot of people in Italy that really really really would like to move out from their parents house but cannot afford it.

There are few countries that are lucky as Norway and have the same opportunities, so OBOS, instead of being so ignorant and arrogant, stop making fun of other countries and their way of living, and find another way of making a commercial.

And here’s one of the posters:

This is one of the TV commercials (it’s in Italian/Norwegian with Norwegian subs):