Into each life some rain must fall.

The Rain is back in London. I’m not very happy about it but today i managed to stay positive about it. I woke up this morning at 9:30 and the rain was pouring down outside. I promised my roomie Nina to go to a gallery and hang up her photo since she wasn’t home to do it and she’s going to be part of an exhibition at the Frameless gallery. I was very lucky though, because when I went out the rain stopped, and when I got back home a couple of hours later it started to rain again. That was nice. I didn’t get wet today! Second, I found a bracelet that I haven’t seen in almost a year. Also nice!

Looking forward to start using it again. The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. Apparently there was a boat parade or something on the river. Lasted for maybe an hour or more. Feel sorry for those sitting and rowing in the rain. It was windy as well. Congratulation to the Queen and her 60 years on the throne! Today was a perfect day to eat good food. I had a Polenta pack in one of the kitchen cabinet and for me, one of the best ways to eat it is with chicken, tomato says and olives. Such a long time since I last ate it. It tasted just as goodWhen it rains outside like it did today one of the nicest things to do is to relax and watch a good movie. I love french movies like Ensemble c’est tout. Apple pie and vanilla ice cream for dessert. Just because it’s sunday and I needed to eat it up before tomorrow. I need to start to work out again, so no cakes in the house. Also half-hour on the couch with Shantaram. Now I’m going to see the second movie of the day, Ironman. Good night everyone! :)