Felony Case

Last week I finally got an iPhone case I’ve wanted for almost a year! 

As you can see it’s from Felony Case. I love everything that is gold, but they got some other cool colors and types too. Shipping time wasn’t too bad either. Took about a week to get it from America to Norway. 

Only negative thing I have to say about it is that it is so hard to take it off. Got a crack on it first time I tried and I’m too afraid to try again ;) Felony case themselves told me to: “We recommend starting in the top left corner and working your way down the left side of the phone. It helps if you can get your fingernail between the case and the side of your phone”

Those details. So pretty! 

If you would like to order it, get it here: www.felonycase.com


I really like the Adidas Superstar and love that they make them in all different colors and fabric. Went to London for about a month ago and saw a pair in gold but turns out those are from last years collection. Got back to Norway and couldn’t stop thinking about them so found them almost similar…

IMG_7201 kopiLove to mix these with a more monochrome style with leather pants a white shirt and a clutch.
IMG_7258 kopi
IMG_7260 kopi kopi
Adidas Superstar from zalando.com, leather pants from H&M, shirt from New Look and clutch from Primark.

Have a lovely evening everyone :)

Sunday funday! 

Best sunday in a while! No, best weekend in a while! Haven’t felt this relaxed and enjoyed my days in a while. 

I woke up today still kind of tired but very hungry. I got out of bed and started making some homemade bread rolls. 

    The recipe is actually for a healthier version of pizza but I make it into buns insted and fill it up with pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds and linseeds. 

While I was waiting for the dough and them to get ready in the oven I played some Lego Jurassic World.  

 Feel like a child while playing, but it’s actually kind of fun and brings up a lot of memories. 

  I spent the rest of my day in front of the TV watching two Harry Potter movies and eating soup for dinner. Soooo relaxing. I love Harry Potter!  
 Too hard for someone to watch that much Harry. 😄

Monday tomorrow, batteries loaded, ready to embrace a new week! 



Had such a lovely week dogsitting for these two adorable dogs. My friend was away for a week and I got the pleasure of taking care of them and cuddling them.    
  My boyfriend was more at home with them and therefore the furry dog managed to fell in love with him.  Haha
I’m looking forward till the day I can have my own dog. They bring so much happiness to your life just by being there. Dogs are the best! 

Enjoy your sunday people! 😄


“Grandmothers are just antique little girls” – Unknown

This quote suits my grandmother very well. She was a woman full of life, usually happy, with funny and witty comments that would make you laugh even on dark days. My grandmother passed away early sunday morning. Even though a lot of you looking through my blog doesn’t know me, my family or what a wonderful woman my grandmother was, I just wanted to share to the world how thankful and proud I am for being lucky enough to have a grandmother that loved me for almost 26 years.

I’m sad that she’s no longer with us, but happy she is no longer suffering.
You may now rest in peace. Love you always.

Elsker deg bestemor. <3


“Au naturel”

This summer I went into the woods with my friend to shoot a couple of nude photos. I did a nude photography project some years ago in a photography studio but have for a long time talked about wanting to do it outdoors with outdoor light as my liht source. 

Very happy with the result and hope some other friends are though enough to take off their clothes outdoors in the nature and let me shoot some great photography.