While fall is sneaking up on us in Norway with days full of rain and temperature in the evening below 10 degrees, I look back at   Some of the lovely days I had during the summer. Some weeks ago I got to spend this year’s last summer weekend at my “in-laws” in Hamar. Before I got to know this small norwegian town I thought it consisted of one tiny main street with shops in the city center and tons of houses and fields full of wheat. Instead they have shops, shopping malls, indoor swimming pools, restaurants, water and beach with some sort of sand and beautiful nature.  Although this place is peaceful and beautiful, I think I mostly like it because of the people that brought me there. 

Thank you summer for always being great. See you next year for more new and awesome memories.   

  Had to go for a walk in the forest and sweat a little bit 😊 

Back to my roots, Lucca.

After three years I returned to my birthplace, Lucca. This is where I was born and where I’m from. It was supposed to be a family vacation but unfurtunately my sister got appendicitis so she spent her time at the hospital with my parents beside her. I was lucky enough to have my boyfriend with me, so we got to spend some time together.

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