Bye bye birdie.

Or maybe bye bye London. Moved out of my beautiful apartment in London yesterday. Was weird to leave but from the cold weather in London I flew to Pisa, Italy!
I finally got to the beach. Feel the sand on my feet, the sun on my body, the ocean in my face. I love, love, love, love it!

I’m hopefully going to take some photos over the next days.
Meanwhile for the people who sits at home because it rains, you can look at the beach I went to an feel more sad! You welcome! :)

Roskilde Festival 2012

I loved it! Why?

Fun with good friends and I got to know one of them. Great people!

All the fun and beautiful people you meet that make you laugh…People that do weird things that also makes you laugh…
The concerts that finally arrived after too many days of parties. The day when you leave and are ready to go home after living 10 days in a tent without showering and going to stinky toilets.

Thank you to Roskilde Festival for 6 fun festivals, don’t think I’m coming back next year, but I hope I’ll see you again in the future.