On saturday I went outdoors to see the match between Italy and Germany on a big screen. Not only did Italy loose, but because of the rain that suddenly came, I also got a pretty nice cold. Second day indoors and starting to get pretty restless. Netflix doesn’t satisfy my needs and I’m really really bored. Trying to get better more quickly, my boyfriend bought some ginger at the store to make ginger tea. Ginger is one of the healthiest spices in the world and comes with a lot of benefits. Some of them are: Weight loss, clears sinuses, boosts immune system, heart burn and tons of others.

When sick I love drinking tons of ginger tea. Easy to make and really good.
1. Slice and peel some pieces of ginger.
2. Put a cup of water in a boiler with the ginger and boil it for about 5-10 minutes.
3. When done, pour it in your favorite tea cup.
4. Add a little bit of honey. I use this one and I just squeez as much as I want to. There’s no right or wrong here.

You can also add some lemon, but I like it with only ginger and honey.


Yours truly,


Skirt Forever21
Shoes Topshop

Even if the Norwegian summer is a little bit uncertain when it comes to the weather, it is nice to feel that the temperature has gone up a little bit. I love hot summer days and to wear wide and light clothes, like this black skirt with lovely details. Beautiful for hot summer days or nights. Wear it with a pair of sneakers or pump it up for the evening with some heels. My heels are very high but because of the platform comfy to walk around with.

Hope your are having a nice summer!

Yours truly,

Sporty spice

Had such a fun saturday yesterday. Spent almost my entire day shooting new blog photos  with a good friend. 

I have some days were I like to just wear something really chill and realaxing. Like yesterday for example. 

Love this oversized sweather from Adidas. Got in on sale at

Just chilling!

Good old Superga shoes. When I was little my mother used to call these for gymnastics shoes. 

Have a lovely sunday everyone! 😊

Felony Case

Last week I finally got an iPhone case I’ve wanted for almost a year! 

As you can see it’s from Felony Case. I love everything that is gold, but they got some other cool colors and types too. Shipping time wasn’t too bad either. Took about a week to get it from America to Norway. 

Only negative thing I have to say about it is that it is so hard to take it off. Got a crack on it first time I tried and I’m too afraid to try again ;) Felony case themselves told me to: “We recommend starting in the top left corner and working your way down the left side of the phone. It helps if you can get your fingernail between the case and the side of your phone”

Those details. So pretty! 

If you would like to order it, get it here:


I really like the Adidas Superstar and love that they make them in all different colors and fabric. Went to London for about a month ago and saw a pair in gold but turns out those are from last years collection. Got back to Norway and couldn’t stop thinking about them so found them almost similar…

IMG_7201 kopiLove to mix these with a more monochrome style with leather pants a white shirt and a clutch.
IMG_7258 kopi
IMG_7260 kopi kopi
Adidas Superstar from, leather pants from H&M, shirt from New Look and clutch from Primark.

Have a lovely evening everyone :)