Hong Kong

After Fiji the trip continued to Hong Kong! I was really looking forward to getting here because my dad has always talked about it. AND, my brother was made in Hong Kong, so had to check this place out.
Our first dinner was at some chinese restaurant where a girl told us that we had to try these dumpling noodels since that was the specialty. Not very special to me. ImageDuring this trip we have decided that we have to do at least one sightseeing thing, so in Hong Kong we decided to go up and see the “Tian Tan Buddha” which is the largest broze Buddha in Asia. While you are up here you can also see the Po Lin Monastery, but it was unfortunately closed when we were there. ImageIt was raining. A lot. Hurray for poncho! They saved our cameras. ImageImageImageImageImageHK1ImageImageImageMy dad was awesome! Since he has been here before he wanted to give us a present and book a hotel room for us. It was amazing to get into a big and soft bed after sleeping in hostels/cheap resorts in Fiji. The breakfast at this hotel was the best on the trip. They had everything you could ever dream off. ImageImageWe basically didn’t do much in Hong Kong. Just walked around the city, some shopping etc. Have to say that I kind of liked it. I might even go back in the future. Who knows.

Next stop; Tokyo! :)

Bula bula!

After 3 wonderful weeks in Australia we left for Fiji. There is no word that can describe how good Fiji was. It is my favourite place so far. I was so excited that everything made me happy. IMG_3068 IMG_3070 IMG_3076This bottle of water for example made me super happy. You see Fiji water in so many magazines and this is the pricy luxury water from the beautiful Fiji, and you think that you might never go to a place that beautiful. I would never ever spend tons of money on this water in Norway, just because our Norwegian water is great and from the tap. But here I was in Fiji drinking this exotic water. IMG_3077 IMG_3078Our trip was booked through Awesome Fiji Adventures and we had Island jumping in the Yasawa Islands. Our first Island was Wayalailai resort. It was beautiful there and the people working there was super nice. They almost felt like my family taking so good care of us. :)  IMG_3080 IMG_3082 IMG_3083The resort is owned by a village so the women from the village gave you the possibility to make bracelets, necklaces etc with sea pearls or you could wave your own book mark. This was so they could earn more money that went straight to the village. I had fun sitting there with them, talking and learning about different Fijian things. :) IMG_3084 IMG_3087 IMG_3088 IMG_3092The first night the people working at the resort had an evening with Bula dance and warrior dance and stuff. I won the Bula queen price this evening. So I got a free beer. Hooray! IMG_3104On Sunday we got to attend their church service. Probably about 80% was in Fijian, but it was fun to do a local thing and experience a little bit of their daily life. IMG_3111 IMG_3114 IMG_3119 IMG_3123 IMG_3132Somebody got bored during the service. :)

Our second island/resort was White Sandy Beach. A very fun resort as well, but slightly different. The place felt more like a touristic spot comparing to the other resort, but the people working here were younger so it had more of a party place feeling. Weather changed the second day here. It was beautiful. IMG_3148 IMG_3150 IMG_3152 IMG_3158On this resort we got to go out and snorkel with Manta Rays. That was insane! So awesome, it’s something that you do not do every day. These animals are so huge. The one I managed to see was about 3-4 meters. That is a lot! Unfortunately I don’t have any photos from the snorkelling. At least not yet.

This island had also another beach we could explore on the other side. Of course, like everything else in Fiji, it was beautiful.IMG_3140IMG_3141IMG_3142IMG_3145IMG_3146IMG_3147 Our next and last stop in Fiji was Nabua. Nothing bad to say about that place either. I LOVE FIJI!!!
IMG_3170 IMG_3174 IMG_3182 IMG_3185The first night here we had super fun with staff. Got to drink tons of kava and had a little party together. IMG_3163 IMG_3168Last day was of course super sad, but some of us went to see a village on this island. Tons of cute kids running around and people are so nice! Barnehage2 IMG_3190 IMG_3192 IMG_3198And then, goodbye Fiji. :( IMG_3211Fiji is the best place so far. I have never met as friendly people as Fijians. They made me feel so welcome and at home. Not to mention the place is beautiful. Sunsets are amazing, the water is amazing, beaches, EVERYTHING. If you haven’t been to Fiji, you should go there!

Sad to leave but the trips goes on and our next stop is Hong Kong. :)

The land down under

After the Philippines we went a short trip to Thailand for four days and then left to stay 3 weeks in Australia. We started off with a couple of days in Sidney before we were heading off to the Gold Coast to stay at our friend Elin’s house for a couple of weeks.IMG_2328
I get now why Emirates is the top airline company in the world.IMG_2330We stayed at a very nice backpacker hostel, do not remember the name right now though. Our roomies were super messy, but super-duper fun!IMG_2346 IMG_2364
Tree hugging ginger…
600957_10151454119589226_1709413967_nI think that the design of the opera house is pretty cool, but (Sorry Australians that are so proud of this building), I was kind of disappointed because I thought it would be a lot bigger.   943272_10151454114494226_92144599_nAfter Sidney we jumped on a plane that took us to Brisbane/Gold Coast. We were going to spend about 2 weeks here at our friend Elin’s house. She’s a very good friend of mine from back home and I hadn’t seen her in a while, so it was super fun to go and visit her. We also got to meet a couple of other friends that we studied with in Norway and we hadn’t seen them for a couple of years, so it was great to see them again! :)
IMG_2511 IMG_2512 IMG_2513Here in Gold Coast we didn’t do too much. Just relaxing at the beach, went out, ate good food, and super good desserts. We just enjoyed life!
IMG_2524IMG_2545IMG_2661 IMG_2687IMG_2668IMG_2698 IMG_2664IMG_2720 IMG_2738 IMG_2757 IMG_2766We also got to meet Magnus! A cute guy that went to the same school as us in Norway. Hadn’t seen him either for a couple of years.
IMG_2798LOVE ANIMALS IN AUSTRALIA! Well, Maybe not all of them, but at least these two! :)  IMG_2844 IMG_2857We also got to experience Byron Bay. We had super fun there and got to learn how to surf. That was awesome! I want to keep doing that when I get to Norway. It’s so so hard, but fun. :)
IMG_2578 IMG_2597 IMG_2642 IMG_2626IMG_2550 IMG_2556Our last stop in Australia was the Great Barrier Reef. We booked for a two day sailing trip where we got to see Whitehaven Beach and slept on an island for two nights. It was beautiful there, but the weather was crappy. A little bit sad, but you can’t always have super good weather. IMG_2993 IMG_3010601794_10151465697329226_342380696_nIMG_2944

Thank you very much Australia for tons of fun. Our next stop is wonderful Fiji.

The Philippines

After 20 hectic sightseeing days in Cambodia and Vietnam we were ready to relax a little bit in the beautiful Philippines. In April 2012 we met three awesome Filipino siblings in Italy, told them about our around the world trip and they told us that we should also come and visit them in the Philippines. So we thought “why not?” and a year later we found ourselves in Manila. :) First night out we got to  meet Miguel and Frits and they took us out around town to a couple of places and meet their friends. ImageWe had to try their local Red Horse beer. A strong beer but very light in taste AND not very expensive. :)IMG_2036 IMG_2040 The next days Miguel left for Spain and we moved in to the Delgado family’s house. It was so nice to hang out there, especially after living in hotels for the past month. And this family is the best. I love them! Going out for dinner I got to try black paella and it was amazing. IMG_2044 IMG_2049After dinner we went out to the small red light district in Makati. Where we got to see midget boxing. A weird experience.
BoxingOur last day Manila Frits and his friend Debbie took us out to see Manila city we couldn’t bring our cameras because someone would probably steal it from us, so we bought disposable underwater cameras. That was the only thing we could find. But those photos are still on a CD and my small Acer doesn’t have a CD reader thing. But Debbie took some photos with her phone.
183116_10151456936309226_2018932914_n 263162_10152789959180654_640498678_n 310026_10152789958665654_1177371813_n 945656_10152789960680654_1082305666_n 945937_10152789958720654_1971116990_n 947341_10151456937449226_649545725_n
LOVE YOU GUYS! IMG_2047 IMG_2070After a few good days in Manila we left for the island Boracay. And it was beautiful there. The only thing we did there was relaxing and going out at Juice bar and Epic. I think those are pretty good places there. IMG_2100 IMG_2103 IMG_2120 IMG_2126I am definitely going back to the Philippines! :)
Next stop, Australia. :)

Last days in Vietnam

Before getting to Halong Bay we had a stop over to the town of Hue. For me this town was not very exciting at all. Not much to see and do there but I managed to somehow have fun anyways. I always do! We also had a pretty nice bus ride up the mountains. ImageImageImageIMG_1834Arriving Hue we went to eat lunch and then had a little walk to a market. We were supposed to go to the forbidden city, but for some reason we ended up taking a taxi back to the hotel. IMG_1853 IMG_1855 IMG_1857 IMG_1862The next day we left this boring city for Halong Bay. After about 12 hours of train (this time a good train) and 4 hours of bumpy bus ride, we arrived Halong Bay, checked in to the hotel and drove down to the dock for our boat ride. IMG_1893 IMG_1897 IMG_1899 IMG_1902IMG_1913After lunch we arrived to a place where we could do some kayaking. This was my first time and in the kayak with me was my dear friend Katie. We thought it was pretty boring at the beginning and we were gonna do it for 1 hour. But, after a little bit we decided to stop following the group and do our own thing. So we paddled to the sea gypsies, said hello to them and got a free beer. They also wanted us to get up on their house to see their fish farm, but we didn’t have the time for that since our group was waaaaaaaaay ahead of us. After the kayaking the boat took us to see a cave. IMG_1924 And in the cave me and my friend Katie met our Philipino friends from the Kayaking. You see, we didn’t have much control over the kayak so we bumped into everything and everyone. This was a family that was sightseeing on a small boat which we crashed into. They just laughed about it and we started talking with them, so when we met them in the cave of course we had to take a photo with them. :) IMG_1927 IMG_1938Back on the boat we celebrated beautiful Ana’s birthday with some wine. :)IMG_1946IMG_1942And of course the birthday girl had to have some cake for dessert :)) IMG_1948After Halong Bay we drove up to Hanoi which was my last stop in Vietnam. Me and my travel partner would leave the group here and move on to the Philippines. IMG_1949A little bit of sightseeing around the city…IMG_1950 IMG_1956 IMG_1964
We also got to try some really really cheap street food. It was very simple but  tasted really good. A meal for less than five dollars. Happy times! :) IMG_1972 IMG_1973 IMG_1974 IMG_1976 IMG_1975 IMG_1977 IMG_1978And after dinner we needed to top it up with a 50 cent beer. Wonderful!IMG_1982The night was ended by going out partying. Fun night! IMG_2004 IMG_2009 IMG_2011 IMG_2010 IMG_2013
Thank you people for making my 20 days in Cambodia and Vietnam the best! Couldn’t have asked for a better group. My next stop was Manila, and even if it was going to be weird leaving 16 people and being just me and my friend, I was looking forward to get there and meet other friends. The reason of why we wanted to go to the Philippines in the first place. The wonderful Delgado family. :)

Hoi An Ancient Town

After having the worst night in my life on a night train, with cockroaches, stinky and cold room, we finally arrived the beautiful city Hoi An. After checking in to our room and eating lunch we started off with a nice river sightseeingImageImage
ImageThis man was insane. He was so happy, singing weird songs and laughing the whole time. And people got to try and ride his little boat with him. He’s in the river with the boat waiting for tourists to come so they can jump in with him. ImageImageAfter the boat ride we took  a walk around the city. And it was so beautiful there. Very cosy as well. There was tons of small houses, small shops, lanterns hanging and waiting for the night to come so they could be turned on. ImageImageHoi An at night was magical because of all of the lights around town, and the glowing bridge.
ImageImage Day two in Hoi An was awesome! We had a bicycle ride to the rice fields were we got to try and ride a water buffalo. And after the ride we went to a beach. I love riding a bicycle through fields. Reminds me of my younger days when you played around as a kid in the summer. ImageImageImageImageImageImageWhen I first saw this guy I actually thought it was just a statue for tourists. It was standing completely still and just staring straight at you. ImageIn the evening at dinner I got to try a disgusting thing. Guess what this is:ImageIt’s a duck embryo….
We finished off the night by going out and check out the party life of Hoi An. I was not impressed at all. But ended up having fun anyways. I found out that I was very good at foosball. ImageImage
Love my new weird friends Tom and Jack. :)
Hoi An was beautiful and it’s definitely a place in Vietnam I could return to. Our next stop before getting to Halong Bay, Hue.

Nha Trang, coastal city and capital of Khanh Hoa province.

Our second stop in Vietnam was Nha Trang and oh boy, I looked forward to that. Our tour leader told us it was nice there with a nice beach and the hotel just few meters from it. It was amazing there. It was so clean, water beautiful, and our hotel had finally soft and extremely comfy beds. Had been sleeping on slightly hard beds since we left Bangkok the 15th of March, so for me who got a annoying back, it was really nice to sleep in a proper bed. Especially also after taking our first night train out of 3. And apparently this was the nice night train, so did not look forward to the others, ImageImageImageImageWonderful lunch at the beach. Love drinking fresh coconut. ImageImage
Here our tour leader also took us to an amazing restaurant. It was so simple with plastic chairs and tables. But you could barbecue your own food. So you just had to order what you wanted to barbecue. It was delicious! ImageImageImageImage
At night we went to a sailor club to have a couple of drinks and this was the best party night with the group. Everybody was just having fun, dancing, talking, cheap drinks and we were at a beautiful place. Couldn’t get any better. :) ImageImage
Last day in Nha Trang we just chilled at the beach before leaving for our second night train. LOVE NHA TRANG. Was nice with a little touristic area with clean streets, sun, beach and a few western stores so I actually could manage to find something that fits. ImageImageNext stop; Hoi An.

Saigon, also known as Ho Chi Minh

From Cambodia to Vietnam, and our first stop was Ho Chi Minh. But before going to Ho Chi Minh, we had a one night stop at a homestay. It was beautiful were these people lived. It was like a Vietnamese countryside. So peaceful and green everywere. Image
After getting a tour around the place we got to relax a little bit before dinner. Here I got to taste what would become my favourite food in Vietnam, Crispy Pancakes.
IMG_1449 IMG_1454
And our beautiful rooms. Beds too hard maybe worst night in my life. I was lucky enough to share a bed with someone who was sleeping in a more “comfy” bed. Thank you!
IMG_1458 IMG_1456
The day after we left for Ho Chi Minh. What terrified me most in Vietnam was the traffic. Never seen anything like this before. My heart was pounding every single time I had to cross the street, and I was mentally prepared to die. First day here we just had a walking tour around the city and ended up at the War Remnants Museum.

IMG_1467 IMG_1468
IMG_1462 IMG_1459 IMG_1477 IMG_1484 IMG_1488
In the evening I had a wonderful dinner with the group and later on out for some drinks. One of the girls were leaving us the day after, so we had to have some fun the last night.
IMG_1490 IMG_1500

Day two in Ho Chi Minh was a visit to the Cu Chi Tunnels. That was really interesting and we had a super sweet tour guide that made it all more fun.
IMG_1504 IMG_1511 IMG_1509
The tunnels were tiny! We had to bend to walk in them and it was sooo hot in there. The guide told us that the size of the tunnels now are the double of what it was during the war. I cannot imagine how they survived under there without being claustrophobic. IMG_1538 IMG_1537 IMG_1520 IMG_1535
Some of us also tried to shoot with the same type of guns they used during the war. I didn’t try because of the price, but we had to at least pose with the guns.
IMG_1527 IMG_1533
Had fun in Ho Chi Minh, but I looked forward to our next stop; Nha Trang. :)


After a lot of sightseeing and being a real tourist, I was really looking forward to go to Sihanoukville. This was apperently a place with beaches and the only tour plan here was to relax and go to the beach.
ImageBut, the beach was so disgusting full of rubbish. Both the sand and the water, so our first day we just hang out at the hotel pool. Later that night we went to eat some barbecue at the beach. I had delicious prawns that was probably almost 10 cm long. The biggest prawns I’ve ever seen.
Second day we took a trip with a boat to an Island. And it was wonderful! Best day I had in Cambodia!ImageImageThe water was so beautiful and clear. Our tour leader had also organized food for us at the beach so our boat driver prepared it. We got chicken and it was delicious. ImageEnjoying lunch with a wonderful view. :) Image
Our super tour leader Thye! Best Thai person I’ve met! ImageAfter a couple of hours of tanning, sunburning and sleeping, we headed back to the mainland. But before we got back, we had the chance to go snorkel a little bit. ImageImage
Me and Katie didn’t like snorkeling because there wasn’t any fish in the water. So we had fun in our own wayImageIt was a awesome trip and day! Now I all I can say is thank you Cambodia. It’s been a pleasure to get to know you a little bit better. Next stop: VIETNAM! :) 


Phnom Penh, capital of Cambodia

After a couple of days in SIem Reap, our journey continued to the capital Phnom Pehn. We had a wonderful six hours bus ride, with weird Asian music videoes with guys crying over slutty girls, karaoke and a bus driver that would hunk every single minute.
ImageDon’t know why buses in Asia are so tacky. Fascinating. ImageThe Killing Fields was one of the most exciting thing for me. I was pretty ignorant and I didn’t quite know what the Killing Fields was, so it was pretty awful to get the history of it standing there. The worst part was when our tour guide told us that when it rains the mud wash away and you can spot human bones and pieces of clothes from the time people got killed there.
ImageAnother thing that was awful was a tree were they killed children by holding their feet and smashing their head into it. ImageI hate cruelty, wars and everything that has to do with people getting tortured and killed. Too many innocent people died here. ImageImageSo many cruel things happened here but the place is so quiet now. People lives outside of it, next to it there’s a school with children running around playing. There are fields with people harvesting food or whatever they harvest in Cambodia :) ImageAfter the Killing Fields we went to the Tuol Sleng Genocide museum. The site was a former high school but was used as a prison under the Khmer Rouge regime. ImageImageImageWe also got to meet one of the survivors. I felt so sorry for him and just wanted to give him a hug. But that would have been to weird….Image
It was an interesting day where I got more insight in Cambodia’s war history. Not very cosy and pleasant, but everybody should learn more history so we can at least try to prevent it from happening again.
History wasn’t all we did, we also got to go to a big big market. I think it’s one of the biggest in Phnom Penh. ImageAaand, I saw the Royal Palace from the outside
ImageAnd at last we had the cheapest dinner in Cambodia. Think I paid around 1 dollar for dinner at this place. Nothing fancy, but good enough. ImageLove these people. Superfun guys! Miss you all :)